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Foster Cwm Taf - Fostering for your Local Authority

Stages to become a foster carer

Stage 1 – Getting in touch and an initial visit

If you have been thinking about fostering and live in Merthyr Tydfil or Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) then please contact us today. A member of our recruitment team is waiting to meet you. They can explain the benefits of fostering for your local authority, explain the assessment process and answer any questions that you may have. You’ll then have some time to reflect and think about if you really want to move forward with the fostering assessment process.

When you are ready our recruitment officer will then meet you at your home to conduct an initial visit. This is an opportunity for us to go through a more detailed set of questions with you, to better understanding why you want to foster, discuss your family and wider support network and ultimately decide if you will be suitable to move forward to the next stage.

If unsuccessful, we will provide you with constructive feedback and suggest additional work that you may want to do, which may help you move forward to the next stage in future.

Stage 2 – Assessment

You will now need to complete an application form. Once returned to us, you will be allocated a dedicated Social Worker who will contact you and start the assessment process, which can take a few months to complete.

The assessment is a more detailed look at you, your family and support network. Your Social Worker will be working closely with you to fully assess your skills and abilities to ensure you are suitable to foster children.

Once the assessment is completed, your Social Worker will write a detailed report that will include a decision on your suitability to foster children, the number of children you could foster and recommendations on the type of children we feel would be best for you.

Stage 3 – Skills to foster

Whilst the assessment is taking place, you will be expected to attend a ‘Skills to Foster’ training course. This training will give you the foundational skills to become a foster carer and is delivered over two full days, usually two consecutive Saturdays.

The course will be run by very experienced Social Workers and include sessions with some of our existing foster carers. You’ll get a much greater appreciation of what fostering is and understand the challenges and rewards that it can offer. You’ll also meet other people who are thinking about fostering, which is an opportunity for you to start building your wider support network.

Stage 4 – Fostering panel

At this stage, your completed fostering assessment report will be presented to our Fostering Panel by you and your Social Worker.

The Fostering Panel is made up of respected people from a wide range of related fields that offer specific skills to help assess the suitability of potential foster carers like you. They will have read your assessment report and may have additional questions for you and your Social Worker.

The Panel will then make a recommendation which will be passed to our Head of Service for a final decision on your suitability to foster. 

Stage 5 – Placement

Congratulations, you are now an approved foster carer for your local authority!

You will now meet your Supervising Social Worker. They will be your primary support and work with you to continue your training and development alongside discussing potentially suitable placements and ultimately entrusting you with children that need to be looked after in your local authority. 

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