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About Fostering

Fostering is providing a home for a child or young person who, for a range of reasons, cannot live with their birth parents.

Where possible, we work to keep a family unit together. We know it is where a child or young person thrives best. But sometimes this is simply not possible, which is why we need foster carers.



Fostering with your local authority provides a safe, local and supportive environment for children and young people to thrive.

There are many different ways to foster. We will work with you to help you decide which one is right for you and your family:

Short term

Short term foster carers provide a home for a few nights, weeks, months or even years for a child in order to help prepare them for their next move, either a longer term foster placement, adoption or where appropriate back home to live with parents or family members.

Long term

Many children may not be able to return to their birth families and rely upon a long-term foster placement where they can experience being a valued family member and benefit from the advice, support and guidance they need. You will be committed to providing a home for the child until they can live independently.


When children need somewhere safe to stay at short notice for a brief period of time; lasting from one day up to a maximum of 7 days.

Support care

This is a way to provide regular assistance to families that are finding it difficult to cope. Short breaks, usually over one or two weekends a month are designed to support the young person and family and are arranged to help prevent family breakdown

Family link

This placement is the same as Support Care, but provides short breaks for children and young people up to the age of 18 who have a learning and/or physical disability. Short breaks also provide an opportunity for children and young people to gain new experiences and develop their skills outside of their usual environment.

Parent & child fostering

When specialist foster carers provide homes for one or both parents together with their child. Foster placements like this involve the foster carer supporting the family and helping them to develop parenting skills.

Supported lodgings

For young people aged 16-21 who are leaving care and are developing independent living skills. By offering supported lodgings, you will provide safe, supported accommodation where care-leavers can use the facilities and develop skills such as cooking, housework and budgeting and the young person will receive support from the 16+ service. Supported lodgings providers do not have the same legal responsibilities as a foster carer.

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